Monday, 14 September 2015

Corbyn won by a landslide. The propaganda intensifies

It's been a summer of the refugee crisis and Labour leadership saga but it's now that time of year when shirking careerist elitist MPs are declared fit to work and will emerge from their expenses paid houses to swamp parliament.
Last week Tory-run BBC news had Daily Politics back on air with the usual cast of establishment careerists (mostly men) like Andrew 'plebgate' Mitchell and Tristram Hunt who was parachuted into a safe Labour seat because he was on the telly. Having put up the pretence of showing heart over the refugee crisis the war-machine quickly moved to make the case for more self-serving western imperialism. This was the trend of the week seen in The S*n and PMQs both used as platforms to push for a war. Would any of the establishment volunteer themselves of their loved ones to go fight? And who would really benefit from war? Perhaps this massive arms fair in London might hold some clues.

Later they had Waylon Smithers brown-noser, Toby Young smearing Labour which was mirrored on Newsnight. Just to be sure a Panorama hatchet job by 'journalist' John Ware was broadcast, in which 'experts' questioned Corbyn's electability while showing pictures of his rallies being attended by large crowds. They also smeared Corbyn's diplomacy fro including enemies, conveniently forgetting UK ties to despotic regimes around the world like wealthy Saudi Arabian fundamentalists - who by the way are not at all concerned about their fellow Muslims seeking asylum.

Talking of foreign policy, Israeli PM Netanyahu met David Cameron because presumably it's OK to call apartheid tyrants 'friends' if they are our apartheid tyrant. Israel is what S. Africa was before the 90s but with a greater death toll. This undermines so-called 'British values' our PM continually pushes and u;ltimately leaves us with no real diplomatic legitimacy in the Middle East even with moderates.

Then Corbyn won by a landslide - the largest mandate of any leader ever. After his victory he chose not to appear on Andrew Marr's BBC weekend politics show because he was fulfilling a promise to visit a mental hospital in his constituency.

The Times, as a paper full of tory elitists (If you don't want to visit the UKIP link then see image below) who trade on being progressive metropolitans went into full demonisation mode.

There were accusations from the usual voices who never before cared for women's representation or having quotas that his cabinet was sexist, even though there were more female members than the tories have, in fact more than ever. Sky news wannabe journalist Dermot Murnaghan even pontificated about whether Corbyn's casual dress sense could get him elected.

If you want to know what a proper mainstream media journalist looks like then watch this. It created the usual social media outcry, a measure of how low our standards and expectations have fallen.

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