Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The tories want the tube strikes to sway public opinion against working people

Many London commuters today and tomorrow are upset that tube workers are inconveniencing them. As a local resident I am in this position. Personally I refuse to react in a way that simplifies a complex issue into one tweet-sized rant sent while we struggle to exploitative jobs we probably hate anyway.

The tories have a union reform agenda and aided by the usual media they are playing politics with working people's lives.

Firstly some misconceptions:
  • It is not just well-paid drivers on strike. Unions are have other tube staff as members too, including low paid workers.

  • There are politics at play - and it is coming from the top:

So it appears that LU are encouraging the strike by with unrealistic demands. Such tactics raise suspicions of a tory strategy (via Boris Johnson) to solidify a lot of misinformed public opinion against workers to push through 'union reform' (destroying workers' rights). 

They also want to automate the tube. It's a possibility as long as some money saved go towards helping the many made unemployed, having dedicating their lives to one job. Tory governments are not known for compensating those whose lives they ruin - ask any miner. 

Commuters should remember that every job lost to technology means another individual not paying tax and probably on benefits undermining the fabric of families and communities. We never seem to recognise or measure the human cost.

But never mind because tube strike is preventing you getting to work - maybe working on another great tech tool that will probably put you and your loved ones livelihoods in jeopardy.

Automation has limitations. How long until a robot can help save lives in an emergency like 7/7?

This government have proved at every stage to be ideological game-players from austerity to the welfare bill. They are shaping society to their advantage to a degree that no other government has done. Any government including 'politically astute' (conniving) George Osborne clearly has agendas beyond the issue itself.

And as for a wider reading of our society:

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