Sincere thanks if you've read, shared or donated to this blog. London-based Je Suis Fed Up is independent analysis of politics and media, meaning no owners, sponsors or advertising influence its content. It partly relies on donations to maintain a profile. Anyone who understands the media and journalism knows it should not be determined by the profit margins, unlike the corporate media.

In a climate increasingly hostile to alternative political and economic narratives, it is essential to challenge establishment group-think and propaganda. Whether exposing banking corruption or providing balance to counter the witch-hunt against Jeremy Corbyn, this blog supports those who have passions beyond money, power and materialism.

Why Fed Up?

After the horrific Charlie Hebdo attacks many used the 'Je Suis Charlie' trope to express solidarity with free speech. However, soon it appeared this freedom was only extended to those the establishment agreed with while some people promoting this were highly suspect. It had been co-opted into a PR exercise by opportunistic self-serving global governance, distracting us from their geo-political charade

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