Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Murdered muslims are not a concern for US police and news

Time Chapel Hill terrorist cover

It might have escaped the attention of many but about a month ago (Feb 2015) a white gunman murdered 3 muslims in the US college town of Chapel Hill.

Many agreed there was very little media coverage especially when usually many are so robust in their quest to expose and report on extremism in far off lands. Here they were relatively muted with this attack on American soil.

The police played their part by parroting the killer's wife Karen Hicks guess that the murder was a parking dispute despite the absence of any offending vehicles on that day. Even the Hicks' lawyer said 'Nobody knows'.

Why let facts get in the way of speculation.

Of course the media pandered to their authority and soon Facebook algorithms were playing their part in the misinformation:

Facebook Chapel Hill terrorist news parking

What we do know that the gunman was a self-confessed atheist and the victims were concerned about him as he openly showed his weapon in encounters and they were all shot in the head - like an execution. There are many, many persuasive cases that this went beyond a petty dispute, terrorism perhaps or at the very least a hate crime. Compare these pieces with the angle from a Murdoch-owned outfit.

Let's also remember there would be no measured responses over the question of terrorism if Craig Hicks were a muslim.

Terrorist muslim shooter cartoon

The authorities have recognised the seriousness of the facts, although the death penalty does nothing for a decent society and is only a deterrent as a simplistic myth.

And just a month after Chapel Hill an Iraqi who escaped ISIS only to be gunned down in 'the land of the free', asks more questions of its culture of hostility.