Saturday, 7 March 2015

UK election: The agenda of the tory press

The mainstream media seem to be constructing a narrative that Miliband and his party are failing to connect with voters.

Labour Miliband Telegraph media

Labour Miliband media newspaperLabour Miliband Daily Mail Montgomerie media

Labour have their issues but the claims are so strong that if it was true, the tories would be capitalising, Cameron can go on looking flash at PMQs, having good economic news and be supported by a friendly media - yet a 2015 Poll of Polls shows Labour mostly out-performing their rivals despite the propaganda:

MAY2015 Poll of Polls

This could be further evidence, if any were needed, that alternative sources of media have eroded the dominance of the establishment and that the rhetoric from them is increasingly out of step with the reality of their lives.

Growing UK inequality will surely only strengthen the Labour vote. There are an increasing amount of workers who are either self-employed, on low incomes, zero-hours contract or workfare.

And ultimately it's one person, one vote no matter the size of the wallet.