Monday, 28 December 2015

Tory turmoil will grow in 2016, if only Labour could pull together and capitalise

2016 needs to be the year tory turmoil is exposed and fought

This Christmas has seen the worst flooding in the North for several decades. It's obvious tory governments aren't too concerned with vital regional flood defences because it doesn't profit their donors or benefit the tory-voting South. The 'plebs' will have to suffer while they continue to spend billions on trying to bomb democracy into the Middle East.

The spending figures since the tories came to power are damning - yet too many turkeys (those hurt by cuts) keep voting for Christmas (the tory government)?

NHS winter crisis

The NHS is in crisis we're constantly told by the tory activists in the mainstream media, especially during the cold months. Could it possibly be because the current government with ties to predatory healthcare companies are simply de-funding it so the public accept privatisation as an inevitable improvement?

Lying & Bullying

The tragic case of a conservative youth member committing suicide due to the actions of a rogue tory campaigner has thankfully seen some punitive measures with Grant Schapps' resignation. Yet little pressure for Cameron's old school friend, Lord Feldman to resign despite a clear line of accountability in the matter. The elite are closing ranks.

Lord Feldman and David Cameron, close allies since their privileged school days

Lucy Allan, MP for Telford faked death threats, something that any without the self-entitlement and privileged of elites would be sacked for. Not only that but she was involved in another bullying scandal, in documented abuse of her employee. Again the media have protected her by ignoring a story that would be front page news if she was Labour.

EU referendum

This massive decision could happen as early in 2016 to maximise the chance of the staying in. An issue which has caused splits in the tories since the big bang. David Cameron uses weak little Britain rhetoric pretending to influence an institution that has lost respect him. This is symptomatic of the superficial PR man he is. Luckily for him his media cronies are shielding his desperate empty posturing from the public. The reality is this will tear the party apart whatever the result.

Weak stuttering growth

Worst. Recovery. Ever ... well since the Victorian era. Hardly a reason for George Osborne's perpetual smugness. The ONS have even revised down growth forecasts.

Food banks

Usage is rising in one of the richest economies in the world (see also billions spent bombing the Middle East):

U-turns on 
  • tax credits
  • forests
  • pasty tax
  • Ongoing saga of 3rd runway at Heathrow rumbling on ad infinitum
All costing time and money that could be spent on ... hmmm eliminating the need for food banks or flood defences .. back to square one.

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