Friday, 20 November 2015

Paris attacks reaction, the clash of civilisations narrative and the war machine

This blog is named in reference to the tragic Charlie Hebdo events and the aftermath. You can read the background here. 10 months later and Paris suffered a different kind of attack, targeting random individuals in what these psychopaths identified as typical representations of western liberalism. They are psychopaths because they have no real ideology because what ideology calls for the random killing of fellow followers of that ideology. Many muslims were killed that night yet still we hear how this is a clash of civilisations between two opposing ideologies. The same night "Muslims" trended on twitter bringing about predictable bigotry and hate speak. And there is Ahmed Merabat, the French police officer who was coldly executed defending the satirical magazine that mocked his religion #JeSuisAhmed

Post Paris the agenda of elites consists of divide and conquer, propagating the clash of civilisations myth as an advertisement for war. This is a fake construct because firstly ISIS/DAESH are not muslim and secondly, divisive narratives are short-termist. The lack of hope in mainstream rhetoric is telling. They would prefer a hysterical and fearful public ready to accept blind militarism regardless of the viability. Goebbels used such tactics to great effect  during the Nazi regime.

Here are some revealing reactions from establishment commentators, some while people were being murdered outside Stade de France stadium.

It was also interesting to see bigotry and hate speak from Facebook profiles featuring Tricolour flags under many news articles. Opportunists who on another day are happy bashing the French or whoever else is different. This echoes those who say we should take care of the our own citizens instead of immigrants - while abusing single mothers and benefit claimants because the tabloids tell them to.

In the midst of this there were some other more informed reactions from ordinary decent people that were cause for optimism:

The war machine is grinding into gear with the establishment media doing free marketing for the military-industrial complex delivering profits for the arms industry and its war lords.

For a great ideas-based documentary about the geo-political charade and fog of war, please watch Adam Curtis' Bitter Lake - summarised by himself below:

Fear and mistrust are so often engineered by those with the means to do so. We must not let insidious power agendas on any side create a climate that prevents solutions.

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